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A Word with You - November 5, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 05


You Can Walk But You Can't See

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The other night I saw one of the most adorable scenes I've seen in ages. I was coming out of a restaurant, and right ahead of me was a mother and a father. In between them was their little girl who was obviously a rookie at walking. She was just learning, and she had both hands extended upward. Mom had one hand and Dad had the other. She was dressed in this pretty little pink dress. She also had this cute, frilly little pink cap on. You can kind of picture it.

I came up behind them and I said, "Hey, she's thinking this is really a big deal isn't she folks? She's kind of going, 'I can walk! I can walk! Look at me!'" I walked past them and Dad at that point said to me, "Yeah, but she's got a problem." So, I looked back to see what he meant, and her little cap had fallen down over her forehead and was completely covering her eyes. So she's still walking, sort of staggering around, and her Dad spoke for her when he said, "I can walk, but I can't see!"

The disciples had Jesus there and He said, "Follow me." And it was easy, because He was right there physically. Well, we can do it today because we have His Spirit inside saying, "Come this way." Don't just pray in the morning and then go run off for the day with your pre-set course and then check back at bedtime.

You need the security, the adventure of following the Spirit's leading all day long. After all, you can walk but you can't see.

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