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A Word with You - November 13, 2019

  • 2019 Nov 13


Sunday Grins or Sunday Grouches

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You know, people in certain jobs end up being treated kind of like vending machines it seems like. Now, the state that I lived in for many years, we still had full service gas and we had gas station attendants. People just sort of drive up and grunt a couple of words to him, and then he would dispense his service, and people would drive off. Oh, of course, we did give him a little money. Waitresses—there's another one. And the checkout people at a grocery store. Well, you know what? I've got a little personal crusade to help these service people feel human again; to get them to talk. Now brace yourself...even to get them to smile sometimes. I feel like I've succeeded if they'll smile.

I was at the grocery store late one week night, and I said to the woman who was checking out our groceries, "Well, I'll bet you've had a long day today, huh? You almost done?" She said, "Oh yeah, I'm almost out of here, but it's been a long day." She said, "I've had a lot of crabby people! I thought it was Sunday today." That raised a question. I said, "Wait a minute. What did you mean you thought it was Sunday today?" She said, "Oh, we all hate to work Sundays. There are more grouches on Sunday here than any other day." And then came the observation that cut the most deeply. She said, "Yeah, most of them just came from church; they're the grouchiest of all." Ouch!

You're going to hear or feel during that service - a mission. Thirdly, "Did I encourage someone today?" Church can become very mechanical and almost useless unless we go looking for three things: go in looking for the Lord, determined to get more of Him. Go in looking for a mission - I'm going to leave here with something I need to do. And looking for someone to encourage; Lord, help me be a ministry to someone here today. Then everything afterwards: the trip home, the afternoon's activities, our treatment of the checkout girl. They all grow out of these discoveries.

After all, time in the Lord's house on the Lord's Day should at least produce the Lord's attitude.

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