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A Word with You - October 25, 2019

  • 2019 Oct 25


The Gnats of Sin

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Where are these gnats coming from? Not in the studio. I mean every family member - one after another - was asking that around our house. We had this sudden outbreak of pesky little bugs floating around through the air. Have you seen them? And you'd see every one of us swatting back and forth. We couldn't imagine where they were coming from. Where do these guys come from? We killed as many as we could.

One day my wife, who is no doubt the smartest member of the family, decided that we had to answer the original question, "Where are these gnats coming from?" One theory was that maybe they were coming from that flower pot in the corner in the living room. See we forgot that we had left a little water in that pot, and sure enough that turned out to be a lovely breeding ground. And as I looked in the water, there were all these little larvae waiting to become tomorrow's gnats for us to swat. So, I carried that pot outside. You know, I felt like we had won the battle because we got to the source.

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