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A Word with You - Oct. 3, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 03


The Greatest Enemy of the Best

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I've never been a mother. You probably guessed that, but I have talked to a lot of them. In fact, one of my very best friends on earth is a mother; in fact a couple of them. And I understand that the nine months of waiting for a baby...I guess it's fun at the beginning, but it gets a little long about the eighth or ninth month.

I remember when my wife was carrying our third and our youngest. It turned out to be a boy. Our oldest, our daughter, was about four years old then. I don't remember my wife commenting on the wait for baby, but my little girl sure got impatient. In fact, more than once she would curl up on the couch next to her Mom, because she couldn't sit on her lap any more. There was no lap to sit on. And she would lean over and put her head right up against Mom's tummy and yell and she would go, "Hey, you, when are you coming out!"

Well, fortunately her brother did not respond to that call. He did not come when his sister thought he should. If he had, well, that wouldn't have been a joke at all. He would have been premature. Who knows? He might not have even survived. If you want a healthy baby, you don't want to rush it. Actually, if you want a healthy anything.

Like an impatient four-year-old, tired of waiting, we yell, "When's it going to come?" Don't rush the plan and then end up with a premature delivery that becomes a problem instead of an answer.

Remember, impatience is the greatest enemy of God's best.

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