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A Word with You - Sept. 20, 2011

  • 2011 Sep 20


Covering First Base

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If you're a baseball fan, it seems like winter is going to last forever. But finally you hear those wonderful words "Opening Day!" And the snowballs turn to fast balls, and you're happy again. Now, you know, as in the last ten years, St. Louis Cardinals star, Albert Pujols, is probably going to have another great season. He's acknowledged by many to already be one of baseball's all-time greats.

Now, he's got a new book. It's called "More Than the Game," and it actually shows there's a lot more to this first baseman than uncommon athletic ability. He says that baseball is, for him, ultimately a God-given platform to elevate Jesus Christ. But wait, isn't that true of whatever position any Jesus-follower is in?

Now, Albert Pujols loved to see opposing players be out at first base, but apparently can't stand the thought of them being out at the gates heaven.

He revealed in his book that he has, on occasion, asked players an eternity question while they're standing on his base. He says, "Do you think you're going to heaven when you die? If you died today, where do you think you'd go?"

hear about Jesus. So, just like Albert Pujols is His "ambassador at first base," we all get to be His ambassador at Wal-Mart, at our kids' school, on Facebook, in our service club, at the gym, the club, the workplace.

And suddenly our "everyday stuff" isn't everyday anymore. It takes on eternal meaning. Because the people we know can't get to first base with God without our Jesus.

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