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A Word with You - September 26, 2019

  • 2019 Sep 26


The Final Exam

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There are two words that send a shudder through almost everyone who is either in school or was ever in school, because you remember the fear that goes with these words. And if you're currently a student, you don't have to remember them at all; you're right there living with them. The words - final exam! See, a chill just goes through the room when you hear that.

Now, different students have learned different ways of dealing with final exam time. You remember the teacher that said that the exam was going to be on the honor system. The only problem was that the teachers had the honor and the students had the system.

Well, occasionally you'll hear of an incident where students will actually get a copy of the exam, take a peek at the questions so they can be prepared. Well, I don't recommend that as a good way to get through finals, but I want to tell you this: whatever your situation as far as being a student is concerned, there is a final exam scheduled for you… uh-huh. In fact, it's scheduled for all of us.

Now, our final exam will come at different times. I don't know when mine will be or yours. But you know what? I've taken a peek at the one question on the exam, and you can be ready for this one.

day's your day to change your eternal address from hell to heaven, and to go from dirty inside to clean and forgiven. You just say, "Jesus, this is my day. Today I'm making "the Savior" my savior."

And let me encourage you if you're at that point, to go to our website - YoursForLife.net. I've laid out there for you a very simple and clear path to begin your relationship with Jesus.

You've had opportunities to reach out to Christ before maybe and you didn't. Isn't it time now that you say, "On this day, Lord, I give my life to You." See, He made His move on the cross. It's your move now.

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