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A Word with You - Sept. 27, 2011

  • 2011 Sep 27


Two Goats and Good Friday

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Okay, I wasn't expecting a goat to be my teacher. But something kind of special happened. A good friend of ours helped a new baby goat come into the world. You might say he was "kidding" around. But you shouldn't say that.

Right after this little wobbly thing arrived; his mother ran off and abandoned him. (Which unfortunately is a sad picture of what happens to some human children.) Well, anyway, that's when Sandy, the Great Pyrenees guard dog, came to the rescue. Our friend tried to remedy this heartbreaking situation by leaving the baby in a grassy area, near where the little guy had arrived. Nope! No deal. Then, Sandy went over to the newborn and the dog started licking off the little goat's birth residue.

The barnyard drama culminated as Sandy, who now was carrying that little guy's scent, gently nudged the mother over to her baby. And they ended up walking over there together, and mama goat got the point. Her mom instinct finally kicked in; she started licking her kid. Now, in the animal kingdom, when you give your kid a licking, I guess that's a nice thing.

That's the time my grandson weighed in. When he heard about this, and he heard about how the guard dog had lovingly intervened, his instinctive response was, "Well, that's just like Jesus!" I had two reactions. First, "Wow, he's right." Second, "Why didn't I think of that?"

u were made for? Well, tell Him that, "Jesus, I have sinned. I have broken Your laws. I have wandered away. I want to come to You in total faith, believing that when You died You died for me, and that You are alive because You walked out of Your grave. You are my Savior from this day on."

Our website is really there to be there for you at a time like this of beginning with Jesus. A lot of good information there that will help you get started with Him. I hope you'll check it out.

Yeah, you're being nudged in the direction of the God who made you today, so you can experience the love that your life depends on.

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