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Abiding Above - April 22, 2015

  • 2015 Apr 22


I Am A Church Member-A Unifying Church Member-Part 3                                                               

April 22, 2015

Do you realize when we prayed and asked Christ to come into our hearts His spirit came into our hearts, positionally God placed us in Christ? That means we have been set apart and we have been sanctified positionally forever. We are sanctified now. We are saints! 

None of us live perfect lives, we all make mistakes, and we will always make mistakes, but my friend, in the eyes of God we are saints. We all have days when we are not very saintly, but according to scripture we are children of God, we are saints and we are sealed in heaven. God sees you and me already in heaven forever, and He has called us to do a work on this earth in the local church. This means that all Christians make up the body of Christ; therefore, we are all one of the members in that body and each of us has a role.  Because we are all placed in Christ Jesus, God changes and renews our minds so we think differently, and therefore, we act differently, and therefore, we can walk in who we are in Christ.  As we walk in who we are in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, this attracts this fallen world to Christ is us and this is the reason we are here.

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