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Abiding Above - April 24, 2015

  • 2015 Apr 24


I Am A Church Member-A Unifying Church Member-Part 5                                                               

April 24, 2015

My friend, if you are saved God has put Jesus in you here on earth, and He loves you to the same degree He loves His Son Jesus.  He’s in you now and He sees you already in heaven at His right hand. If you’re not saved, He is not in you.

My friend, let me tell you what your identity is now and forevermore…You’re in Christ and Christ is in you.  You do not have to have the right emblem on your clothes, you do not have to have the right membership to a club, you don’t have to be on a board that everybody esteems, all of that is temporary and passing. What satisfies you and I is knowing that our identity is in Christ alone! Amen! My friend, if you don’t see it this way then you don’t see it Jesus’s way. Because God lives in you and because you’re in Christ, His overwhelming desire and concern is that His children would have unity and oneness of mind and the world would see it. Listen, C.S. Lewis said this, “We are little Christ’s.” So God would have you and I to walk in His Spirit and be controlled by Him, so people would feel strangely warmed by us and sense Christ’s presence in us and be drawn to Him for salvation.

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