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Understanding Life’s Trials [Part 5] - Abiding Above - April 30

  • 2020 Apr 30

Understanding Life’s Trials [Part 5]

April 30

Don’t let the difficult circumstances you are in shake you to your core and disrupt your faith. Whatever you’re feeling or going through don’t let your faith be shaken. Guard your faith, think about your faith, and exercise your faith in God throughout your day. 

If you begin to doubt God, if you begin to doubt God’s presence in your life then you will find yourself in for a long delay in what God may be trying to teach you. Remember, we begin the Christian journey by faith, and now, we continue to live by faith. We start by putting our faith in Jesus Christ to save us, and then from that moment of salvation, for the rest of our lives, we must continue to walk and operate in our lives by faith.

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