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Abiding Above - April 30, 2015

  • 2015 Apr 30


I Am A Church Member-It’s Not All About Me-Part 3 

April 30, 2015

Every Christian should ask themselves this question, “Is my present vocation of the Lord? Where I am working, what I am doing is this what God intended for me to do?”

We need to ask ourselves and ask God if we are doing what He intended for us to do. If so, we have to see this as our place of ministry, because God can use us exactly where we are.

The call that God has placed on all our lives is to go and make disciples wherever we go. Sometimes it means that we will pray with someone and they will ask Christ to come into their heart, but sometimes it means when someone is saved that we would simply sit down with them and show them how to get started in the Christian life, show them what we have learned that can help them. My friend, this is what we are to be about in our living. None of us have finally arrived, because one day we’re all going to die and our time on earth will be through. What are you doing with the time God has allowed you?

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