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Abiding Above Despair [Part 9] - Abiding Above - August 12

  • 2020 Aug 12

Abiding Above Despair [Part 9]

August 12

Why does God allow us to suffer for a long time? Well, it is because God is up to something. But, we must be wise because there is a right way to respond and there is a wrong way to respond to situations that are despairing. Our right response to God gets us ready for God’s purposes. We need to learn the ways of God to be used of God. We must submit ourselves to the God, because before we can go up we must come down. We must humble ourselves to God. God cannot use us in our prideful ways. My friend, before a seed can sprout it must first be put into the ground and die and many times before God uses a man or a woman they must go down before they come up. God is not a wrathful God beating you up, but God does allow us to go through difficult times so that He can sift things out of our lives that do not belong there. God’s purpose is to use you in the lives of others, to bring others to salvation, and to bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus!

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