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Abiding Above Despair [Part 10] - Abiding Above - August 13

  • 2020 Aug 13

Abiding Above Despair [Part 10]

August 13

If we respond to God in the right way in the times of our despair we’re blessed and God’s hand of favor is upon us. He makes things happen for us, even in the midst of the despair.  His presence is always with us and His plans are being worked out for our good. But if we respond the wrong way in our times of despair, our wrong response to God will bring anxiety and we will try to manipulate our way out of God’s plan for our lives. We quarrel with God instead of saying like Jesus said in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father if it is Thy will let this cup pass from me, not my will, but Yours be done.” We quarrel with God trying to figure out a way to say God, you’re wrong and I am right and we need to go according to my will and not Yours. These are wrong responses to God and it will slow down what God is intending to do with out life. My friends, yield to the Holy Spirit and respond the right way, and watch what God will do in your times of despair.

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