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Abiding Above - August 14, 2015

  • 2015 Aug 14


Success God’s Way-Part 10 

August 14, 2015


I want you to picture a circle and let that circle represents Christ. You are a child of God even if you’re negative thinking keeps that vague in your mind. Now, picture a circle and that circle represents Christ, picture you being in that circle and picture you being in Christ, and know this, that is scriptural because a child of God is in Christ forever. You cannot get out of that position. Keep that picture in your mind…I’m in Christ, and God and what God has provided for me is all that I need. 

My friend, you need to brand that into your mind and never let it go. When you do this you will come through any season in life, any storm, anything you might go through. Sometimes you may feel rejected, sometimes you may find yourself in a place you do not understand, but this is what you say, “Eternally I’m in Christ, I’m okay.” The truth is this…you have already won. You must see yourself already in Christ eternally, and you have already won. Amen! My friend, we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, we are eternally secure, and all the riches of heaven are ours.

So, instead of seeing ourselves as a failure when we fail, we now see it all as a part of God’s plan, realizing we have already won in this game of life because I’m in Christ and Christ is in me, and what God has provided for me is all that I need!

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