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Abiding Above - August 23, 2013

  • 2013 Aug 23

A Clear Conscience

August 23, 2013

“This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.” - Acts 24:16 

Have you noticed that you get an unsettled feeling deep down inside of you when you say or do something wrong? This is your conscience speaking to you when you sin. The Holy Spirit works through your conscience to direct you in matters of right and wrong. To enjoy unhindered communion with God, you must have a clear conscience. A clear conscience gives you an inner freedom of spirit and soul that comes from knowing that you are right with God, and right with other people. 

To have a clear conscience we must allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and show us our offenses against others. When you have faithfully confessed your sins to God, and faithfully dealt with your sins against others, it will seem as though a great burden has been lifted from you. Maybe your new motto can be, “Stay close and clean.”

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