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Abiding Above - August 3, 2015

  • 2015 Aug 03


Success God’s Way-Part 1 

August 3, 2015   


My friend, you are a child of God, and when you live a life of giving yourself away to other people God will bless your life. It is just going to happen. You may think that by giving yourself away to others you are eventually going to be empty. No you’re not! My friend, you cannot exhaust God! God is in you and you are in God, and therefore, you can live to give yourself away. You see your shovel is a whole lot smaller than God’s shovel. God has the bigger shovel and as you shovel out of your life and give yourself away to others God is going to see to it somewhere, somehow, that He shovels a whole lot more blessings upon you as you live to give yourself away to other people.

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