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Abiding Above Despair [Part 6] - Abiding Above - August 7

  • 2020 Aug 07

Above Despair [Part 6]

August 7

God has a purpose for every despairing situation we may find ourselves in. You may be asking yourself if God is punishing you for something you may have done wrong? Well, it might be discipline, but it cannot be punishment because Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross, so God does not punish us, but He does discipline us. You see, punishment is paying a price that you owe, but Jesus Christ as our substitute paid the price for us. He took your punishment on the cross. What God does with you and me is He disciplines us; He corrects us. Sometimes it hurts so badly that we think God is punishing us, but what He is really doing is conforming us into the image of His son Jesus. Maybe God is allowing you to go through difficult times because He is plowing up your soul, because He is going to do something different with you that you have never thought of? God knows what it will take in your life to get you ready to do what He has planned for your life.

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