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Abiding Above - December 9, 2014

  • 2014 Dec 09

A Godly Woman

December 9, 2014


I heard the story once of a dear lady who loved the Lord with her whole heart, and everything she did was with the purpose of trying to win others to love Him too. Her home conditions were absolutely terrible for her husband was not only antagonistic to spiritual things but was physically brutal to her as well. Often she came to church with great bruises showing his brutality. But never was there a word of complaint. She had a radiant face and a radiant testimony. For years she endured silently, and through it all the Lord blessed her witness to others with wonderful results. She used to tell people, “I believe that God has allowed me to endure such testing so that I can better understand and help others.”

In truth, she literally loved others to God. Every act of kindness was linked with a word about salvation; every “cup of cold water” was accompanied with God’s Word about the Savior. It was some twenty years that she suffered in her home with that vicious husband. But then, things began to change. Bit by bit that man seemed to change. Eventually her husband became a kind, patient, and loving man. He began to share his story with others: “I fought against God and my wife for 20 years, until, I thought I’d go crazy with frustration and misery. Her sweetness and patience broke my heart at last, and I knew I wanted the Christ she so lived for. Each day, I too have found the Savior, and what a joy our home is for both of us! But I do believe it was my wife’s consistent living for God that eventually won me to Him.”

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