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Strengthening Our Faith [Part 10] - Abiding Above - February 14

  • 2020 Feb 14

Strengthening Our Faith [Part 10]

February 14

Nothing happens by chance to the Christian. Tragedies are blessings in disguise and disappointments are His appointments in life.  When we look at the life of Peter, though he denied Jesus three times, He went on to preach at Pentecost and more than 3, 000 people were added to the church because he was boldly preaching under the power and control of the Holy Spirit. Listen, God did not put Peter on a shelf because he failed and God will not put you on a shelf because of your failures. We can put ourselves on a shelf because we have weak faith and we enter into complacency. In times of difficulties and disappointments we must be careful and we must ask God to strengthen our faith.

The best place you want to be is right out there on the front lines having to walk by faith. If you live this way…life is worth living.

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