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Abiding Above - February 17, 2014

  • 2014 Feb 17

Quenching The Holy Spirit

February 17, 2013


The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:19 – “Do not quench the Spirit.”

The Spirit of God is like a fire that refines and empowers. When we allow sin to remain in our lives, it is as if, we are pouring water on the power of God. When we live in sin as a believer, we hinder having our prayers answered, we cut off His blessing, we cause others to stumble, and we lose reward in heaven.

There was a Christian man who drifted into a life of worldliness. He and his family had been very regular in their local church until his business began to prosper beyond belief. 

With prosperity came apathy for the things of God. His Christian friends lovingly warned him. He tossed off the warnings by saying, “I have never been so prosperous! God is blessing me as never before!”

Then came the day that he stopped coming to church. He gave the excuse that he was too busy. But he was not too busy to go to the taverns with careless women. Soon his sons dropped out of church; instead, they too spent much of their time at the local taverns. Then his wife no longer came to church; not because she was becoming worldly, she died of a broken heart.

This man eventually came back to church. But not until his business had folded up, disaster after disaster had wiped it out. His boys were juvenile delinquents and his wife dead. He came back – but alone.

My friend, are you quenching and grieving the Holy Spirit? Are you following God at a guilty distance? It’s time to come home.

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