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Abiding Above - February 25, 2014

  • 2014 Feb 25

Another Chance

February 25, 2014


It is a dreadful thing to be a castaway, a pot the Master cannot use. I have a friend who was given his great grandfather’s handmade guitar. The only problem was, is that it would not stay in tune, so it just sits in the corner, disapproved. He has another guitar, not as nice and with no sentimental value, but it does stay tuned, and therefore, it is approved and useful.

We as Christians are sometimes like that old guitar, we choose not to live according to God’s plan for our life, therefore, we are not in tune with the very One Who created us. And yet, there is no reason why we should stand in the corner, disapproved. We can be tuned again.

If you have failed God and allowed yourself to be put in a corner, He does not expect you to stay there and be useless the rest of your life. He is ready to offer you another chance. I think of Johan in Jonah 3:1, which says, “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time.” 

Jonah missed his first chance, failed God miserably, and suffered greatly. But God did not disown him. He started him off again with new orders, all the wiser for a sad experience. And there’s Peter who denied Jesus, and yet, Peter, preaching with power at Pentecost, saw 3,000 saved!

My friend, you never please the devil more than when you wallow in self-pity because you have failed. You must confess and repent to God. It is God’s desire that your will is aligned with His will.

There are plenty of miserable hearts still stubbornly set on their own way. I encourage you my friend to confess and repent as Jonah did, and as Peter did, and the word of the Lord will come to you again, God will give you, another chance!

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