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Abiding Above - February 5, 2014

  • 2014 Feb 05

The Truth About The Second Blessing

February 5, 2014

Many young Christians are curious about some who teach the “second blessing,” or that the “second working of grace,” is a spiritual and emotional experience that sanctifies? They believe that after being saved, one is not sanctified until one has this experience of waiting and praying and emotionalizing, and then he is sinless and holy, and the ability to sin is removed.

The Apostle Paul does not teach such a doctrine. He made many return visits to his converts to give them another blessing and to establish them in the faith, but it had nothing to do with sinless perfection. Every visit he made to them was another blessing.

When you hear this doctrine being taught by some it is common to hear them say, “Be saved and sanctified!” But God’s Word teaches that to be saved is to be sanctified! God does encourage and command us to grow in sanctification, but my friend, please be careful with your human emotions. They can pray tricks on you. The bottom line question is this, “Why isn’t Jesus enough?” Have you noticed in many of our churches that the ones that seem to be filled are the ones who can best appeal to the emotions and to the five senses of man? Even religious programming on television is mostly people having a soulish experience instead of real genuine spiritual growth and godly experience.

My friend, being carried away by your emotions is like walking on a slippery slope, you’re up one moment and down the next.

An old minister once said, “It’s not how high you jump it’s how straight you walk when you hit the ground.”

My friend, stay in the book, God’s Word. Let the trends and fashions in carnal Christianity come and go as they will.

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