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Abiding Above - February 6, 2014

  • 2014 Feb 06

Eternal Life

February 6, 2014

I have asked many people this question: “What is eternal life?” Some reply, “It is life after death.” Others may add, “I don’t believe in it.” When I ask them to tell me when it starts, they might reply, “When I die.” Others may say that eternal life begins when they are saved, which is also incorrect.

Eternal life did not start when we were saved. Eternal life did not start. It has always been! The truth is that once we have entered into the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have entered into eternal life, a life that spans the past as well as the future. Remember, something eternal has no beginning and no end. We know that God is eternal and this means He has no beginning and no end. So, when we receive Him as our Savior we receive His very life that has no beginning and no end, meaning, we received eternal life.

My friend, eternal life is the life of the Holy Spirit, right now, living in you. Think how wonderful that is! Now, let me ask you. Are you listening to the One who lives inside of you? Have you realized He guides you every moment? Are you obeying the moment-by- moment promptings of His Holy Spirit? This is what it means to be intimate with God. I want to ask you to begin, right now, to practice His presence. Spend time in God’s Word and listening to His Spirit. Take a walk listening to His Spirit. Respond to everything and everyone by His control.

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