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America and the Bible [Part 7] - Abiding Above - July 23

  • 2019 Jul 23

America and the Bible [Part 7]

July 23

As Americans, we need to remember that North America, was settled by men who were seeking God. You and I have a heritage of not gold seekers, but God seekers. This is what makes us unique. We came here for religious liberty. The Medo-Persians had a great nation but they drank their way to doom in one drunken orgy after another. That civilization came crashing to the ground and they perished from the face of the earth.  Egypt flourished under Joseph. Then 400 years went by and the people had forgotten Joseph and his God and Egypt went down. My friend, God blessed Egypt because of His children, the children of Israel being there, but Egypt went down after that. Why? They forgot Joseph and they forgot his God, the One who saved them from extinction by starvation, they forgot Him and they perished. As America, we too will suffer greatly if we follow this same path and forget our God.

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