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America and the Bible [Part 11] - Abiding Above - July 29

  • 2019 Jul 29

America and the Bible [Part 11]

July 29

My friend, Satan is real and demons are real and they are everywhere. It is not superstition. It comes from the Word of God. The problem in our nation is that we have demons indwelling people and guiding them to do horrible things to cause disruptions among people and to make people afraid. We also have false prophets and false leaders who have risen to bring a false comfort to a trembling nation. I love America, but we are right at expired. We need to have a back to the Bible movement. It is not complicated. It is the heart of man, and when the heart of man is changed things can line back up. When those who are children of God and living in apathy would turn back to the things of God and get their own hearts right and choose to walk by His Spirit then things will begin to change and this will begin to affect our children, our grand-children, and our nation.

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