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Abiding Above - July 7, 2014

  • 2014 Jul 07

Real Freedom And God’s Children-Part 5

July 7, 2014


My friend, Satan is the author of confusion. He is the author of all the confusion we see happening in this nation. We have already seen a falling away from the things of God in our schools, in our homes, and in our churches. Everyone is in an identity crisis and they do not know which way they should be going. My friend, I can tell you the way we need to be going and it is the Bible way, and I can tell you how we should be, we should be like the Lord Jesus Christ. We must simply choose to abide in Christ who is our life. My friend, when we line up this way as an individual it will automatically line up the direction we should go as a church and as a nation. We need to get back to walking according to the principles of the Word of God!

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