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Abiding Above - June 18, 2014

  • 2014 Jun 18

Christ Our All In All – Part 3

June 18, 2014


God is the great “I AM!” This name “I AM” belongs exclusively to God. God himself said that this was His name, and to understand the meaning of this name, we must go back and recall the story of Moses. One day Moses was out herding sheep and he saw a burning bush. There was something unusual about this bush…it was on fire but it was not consumed. You see, when God said to Moses through that burning bush that His name was “I AM” this is what He meant…God was proclaiming that He is the self-existing One! The God who has always existed and always will exist. God was saying to Moses that He Is the One Who Is! In a sense…I AM IT. There is nothing above Me, and nothing can compare to Me. God was saying to Moses, “I AM” everything. “I AM” the One Who Is and “I AM” the One who will meet all your needs.  God is saying to you today, as He did to Moses, that He is your “I AM.” He is all that you need…Christ is Our All In All!

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