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Abiding Above - June 26, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 26


The Person That God Uses-Part 8

June 26, 2015


One of the qualities of good character is holiness. It is the condition of your heart. This condition of your heart will effect your actions and your actions will reflect your heart. My friend, we can know that sin is a barrier to praying and seeking God with our whole heart. We must choose to say no to ourselves and yes to God, because sin is the barrier that keeps us from being a person that God uses. 

Another quality of good character is a pure heart. A pure heart is to be singular in substance. You and I are willing to be all out for God no matter what anyone else says or does. We choose to have a singular purpose in our lives and to bend our will to God’s Word and His Spirit until God calls us home.

How we live our lives day-by-day as our family, friends, and others observe us has a powerful effect on them.  Why?  Because a fountain does not send forth both sweet water and bitter. People will not believe the word of our testimony if the way we are during the week is different from the way we are on Sunday, we loose our credibility. If you and I are going to be a person that God uses there has to be qualities of good character.

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