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Abiding Above - June 29, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 29


The Person That God Uses-Part 9

June 29, 2015


As Christians, people will not believe us if the way we are during the week is different from the way we are on Sunday, we loose our credibility. So, if we are going to be a person that God uses there has to be qualities of good character:

  • Holiness
  • A pure heart
  • A contrite heart
  • Fear of God

There needs to be humility and repentance before God in our lives. When we sin, we are crushed by the sense of guilt and sin. This does not mean that we do not know that we are covered under the blood of Jesus Christ. We know this, but at the same time when we sin it bothers us. My friend, if it does not bother you when you sin, you need to ask yourself if you have truly been saved.

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