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Abiding Above - March 13, 2015

  • 2015 Mar 13


Christian Friendship-Part 9

March 13, 2015


We are to practice day-by-day cleansing, “Lord, you bring to my heart anything that’s unbecoming to you.  Anything, any sin, I confess it and I thank you for the forgiveness that has already been given to me because of the cross of your dear son Jesus Christ.”

We are to pray to the Father, through the merits of His Son, and by the Holy Spirit. When we do this it renews our fellowship with God and it renews our communion with God. You see, our relationship can never be severed. Once we become a child of God, my friend, God places Christ in us and we are placed in Christ, and we are sealed there forever by the Holy Spirit. We are a son and daughter of God forever and ever, but we can be out of fellowship with God. It is like untying a boat from the dock at the lake, you don’t really see it drifting away at first and then before you know it the boat has drifted way out to the middle of the lake. It is the same thing that happens in our Christian experience. We start by not practicing moment-by-moment confession of anything that God brings to our minds and we begin to live and walk in an atmosphere of guilt. When we do this long enough it becomes the way we are and we can no longer remember what we feel guilty about. My friend, this affects our spirit, soul and body, and having genuine meaningful friendships with other people and our fellowship with God. As we practice day-by-day we are casting every care upon the Lord.

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