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Abiding Above - March 16, 2015

  • 2015 Mar 16


Christian Friendship-Part 10

March 16, 2015


Are you cheerful, or would you say no? Do you feel that your circumstances in life as a Christian have kept you from realizing who you are in Christ and people do not see you as to friendly? Maybe you would be labeled as pessimistic? My friend, being a child of God and being a Christian and being pessimistic and gloomy and unfriendly is an absolute contradiction. One of the healthiest things we can have in our lives is a real genuine Christian friend. To be alone is not godly. Not to have a desire to have interaction and fellowship with others is not normal because God made us to be relational. God made us in His image; He left heaven and came to this earth so that He might have a relationship with us. This shows us that the One in whose image we are created is the way He is and if this is the way He is then this is to be the way we are to be as well.

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