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Abiding Above - May 12, 2014

  • 2014 May 12

God’s View Of Our Problems-Part 8

May 12, 2014


My friend, I believe we have been taught to look at problems the wrong way. Problems are not God beating us up. This is the wrong perspective of God. If you and I will ever get an eternal perspective of God, we will understand that God sees everything, nothing surprises Him. He knew every sin we would ever commit before Jesus ever died on the cross. He knows everything, so when we do something wrong He is not surprised. His spirit within us is quenched and grieved. I want to encourage you to be quick to confess your sins to God. When you live this way you will no longer see God as up in heaven being displeased with you, but living inside of you and lovingly guiding and directing you by the Holy Spirit.

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