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Leaving Your First Love [Part 8] - Abiding Above - November 27

  • 2019 Nov 27

Leaving Your First Love [Part 8]

November 27

When we loose our first love, it is evident that we are beginning a new first love. You are not responsible for me if I loose my first love and I am not responsible for you. If you have lost your first love you must deal with that as an individual. The Bible says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. When you stand before God, no one will be standing there with you. My friend, if you have become cold in your relationship with God, it is time to repent and turn back to God and turn back to the first things.  You need to allow Him to have first place in your life once again. Ask yourself this question“Is there anything in my life, at this moment that I love more than God?”

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