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Abiding Above - November 27, 2013

  • 2013 Nov 27

Oil In The Lamp

November 27, 2013

Not long ago I took a side trip from my planned itinerary and drove out to a very remote area to see an old monastery called The Abbey of Gethsemani. It is a place where men who feel called to a solitary life go and live until they die. We know them as monks. While there, I visited the gift shop where they sell items made by the hands of these men in residence. I purchased two, clay oil lamps, and gave them to friends of this ministry.

I received a note of thanks with these insightful words, “As I look at the clay lamp I can’t help but think of spiritual things. How the clay lamp was made by a potter and had nothing to do or say with how it was made, or for what purpose. This naturally makes me think of you and me and what wondrous things God designed us for.

As I think about the oil in the lamp, I think of how the Holy Spirit fills me and that in order to be full, the inside of the lamp has to be empty first. What a picture of, “Be ye filled with the Spirit.”

I also was amazed when you told me I would never have to buy another wick, because, if this one was set just right, only the oil would burn, and the wick would act as a conduit so that what is inside the lamp can come out. This is so symbolic of the Christ Life. Christ being manifested as the light or flame of our life to a lost and dark world by our willingness to surrender. “Not I, but Christ” is God’s purpose for us.”

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