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A Rest For Your Soul [Part 3] - Abiding Above - November 6

  • 2019 Nov 06

A Rest For Your Soul [Part 3]

November 6

Job 7:20– Have I sinned?What have I done to You, O watcher of men? Why have You set me as Your target, So that I am a burden to myself?”

If you want to have peace in your soul, you must first have peace with God before you can have the peace of God. Peace with God is when you look at the cross and you see the blood of Christ shed as your substitute for that initial burden that we all feel. The peace of God is when the Spirit of God invades your humanity and sets up residence, sets up as umpire over your soul and gives you peace. This is the rest of salvation

When you are troubled within, you must realize that it is not Satan and it is not his demons, what you are struggling with is yourself, the Three Musketeers…me, myself, and I. My friend, there needs to be a complete surrender to the will of God, and this surrender will give you the peace that you are seeking. The rest of salvation and the rest of surrender!

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