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Abandoned to God - Abiding Above - October 31

  • 2019 Oct 31

Abandoned to God

October 31

You and I must come to God and say this, “I can’t, You never said I could, but You always said that You would.” We need to be men and women who are all out for God. My friend, it is one thing to say this because it sounds good, but there is something entirely different when you say it and mean it. Do you know that you are nothing apart from God?

I am weak but God is strong. I am weak in myself, but my hearts desire is to be all out for Him. My friend, when we come to this point, no matter what age we are at God will use you. You’re going to make a difference. God is going to make people look upon you with favor and He is going to use you. Do not waste your life. We are getting older and we are dying daily. Make the decision today to throw down the things of this world and surrender yourself to Him completely. 

We must all come to the point in our lives where we realize that all we truly have is God. There is no one on this earth who can satisfy us like God can. Only He can satisfy us 100%. The things of this world and our temporary relationships cannot satisfy us. Only God can satisfy the human heart.

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