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Starting over with God [Part 3] - Abiding Above - October 7

  • 2019 Oct 07

Starting Over With God [Part 3]

October 7

Sometimes, when God is nudging us to step out in faith to do something we do not think we can do, or we do not think we are capable of doing, we just need to go on and step out in faith. Yes, this may cause hardships. It can make things very hard on us. But the good thing is this…in a lot of ways it is like opening ourselves up to being pruned by God. When I say “pruned by God” this is what I mean…God’s pruning shears are always dipped in love. God is always loving you, and so, when you are being nudged by God to step out and walk by faith and make real in your experience what the Bible says about you, sometimes it is hard, but if you want to grow spiritually and get out of the doldrums you are going to have to step out and walk by faith. This is the only way it really works.

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