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Renewing Your Fellowship with God [Part 2] - Abiding Above - September 4

  • 2019 Sep 04

Renewing Your Fellowship With God [Part 2]

September 4

I want you to think back to that time when you were first saved, that day when you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart.  Do you remember what that was like? 

Didn’t you have a joy and a peace that came upon you that you could not explain to anyone? You were a baby Christian and you did not have much knowledge of the Bible. All you knew at that time was that you were once lost and now you have been saved. You knew in that moment that Christ now lives in you and that something was different even though you could not explain all that happened to you. My friend, when we get saved our lives change, our desires change, and God is able to live and move and have His being in our lives as we live our lives staying in fellowship and communion with Him.

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