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Abiding Above - September 9, 2014

  • 2014 Sep 09

America-A Nation Adrift-Part 7

September 9, 2014


Was this nation indeed founded on the Word of God or are we going to continue to listen to school teachers, principles, talking heads on television continually try to erode, distract us, confuse us into thinking that maybe we got all of our history wrong? My friend, we did not get it all wrong. We still have documents that show what our founding fathers intended, but my friends, with this present media and this present world system that is controlled by Satan much of what was our history people have tried to rewrite. Why? Because they knew the only way they were going to turn this from a godly nation to a nation where we can do what seems right in our own eyes, the only way they can do this is they have to stop little children from seeing the truth so that they will grow up to be something other than what our founding fathers intended. They have set out to do this and they have done very well, and now in this age of technology all that they have done is speeding up and now we are being led by men and women in high positions that do not believe in God. The Bible clearly says that Satan is the author of confusion, and listen my friend, if there was ever confusion in a nation there is confusion in this wonderful nation called the United States of America. My friend, we are confused. How in the world can you justify aborting a baby without penalty? There is no way that is from God. We are confused and we have lost our way. It is time to turn back to the ways of God.

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