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Renewing Your Fellowship with God [Part 7] - Abiding Above - September 11

  • 2019 Sep 11

Renewing Your Fellowship With God [Part 7]

September 11

My friend, God loves you. God wants you to live in fellowship with Him. Our sin is not just against God, but it is also against other people. Do you realize that when we are not walking along with God and not obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit of God that this is a sin against God and it is a sin against others? Why? Because we cannot be who God would have us to be in our moment-by-moment, day-by-day Christian experience if we are not walking in harmony with the Spirit of God.

Therefore, we are sabotaging what should be coming from our lives. All this is being stopped and sabotaged, and therefore people are not being blessed by our existence on this earth. If we are out of fellowship with God, all that should happen in and through our lives cannot happen because of our willful disobedience. Right now, turn from anything in your life that God calls sin. Live a life that is honoring to God so others can see Jesus in you.

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