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Answering the Mysteries of Jesus Christ - November 1

  • 2019 Nov 01

Quote of the Day

"You cannot effectively live the Christian life without a love for, and obedience to, God's Word. All true disciples of Jesus Christ will be students of Scripture and will walk according to its teaching."
~Greg Laurie (from "What Makes for an 'Authentic' Christian?") 

Today's Answer

Fishing for Souls?
John Barnett

Jesus asked His disciples to follow Him and fish for eternal souls at perhaps the loveliest spot on earth, a lake in a land called Galilee. The spot is a blue-green lake called the Sea of Galilee or Kinneret as the locals call it. The Sea of Galilee is an oval-shaped body of water about eight miles wide and thirteen miles long, and is nearly 700 feet below sea level.

A fisherman of Century One Galilee was a hard working, skilled business man who knew all about international trade, fishing techniques, and the tools of his demanding trade. Today we are going to walk by the Sea and listen to Jesus as He asked His followers 20 centuries ago, and us who have joined them, to follow Him as a fisher of the eternal souls of mankind.

Jesus spoke these words as He walked around that beautiful lake and demonstrated what fishing for eternal souls of mankind was all about. Against the background of these cities lining the Sea Jesus performed 60% of all His earthly ministry. He raised the dead, He gave sight to the blind, He gave health to the sick, and He replaced the decay of the lepers, and unshackled the demonized. And all this as He fished for the eternal souls of mankind.

To a handful of these men came an itinerant preacher who asked them to use their skills in becoming fishermen of the eternal souls of mankind.

Jesus still is extending the same call to us as His followers. It is a call to believe. Do you believe? It is a call to repent. Do you need to repent? It is a call to follow him. Have you made this commitment?

Taken from "Are You Fishing For Eternal Souls?" by Discover the Book Ministries (used by permission).

Today's Video

What is the New Atheist Movement?
Answered by Tim Keller 

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