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Cross the Bridge - June 17, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 17

Decision Time - Wednesday, June 17th 2015

2 Chronicles 21:6

"And he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, just as the house of Ahab had done, for he had the daughter of Ahab as a wife; and he did evil in the sight of the LORD."

Our lives are full of decisions. From small ones, like what we have for dinner, to large ones like who we marry. No matter their size, they all impact our life somehow. In 2 Chronicles 21, Jehoram begins his rule of Judah by killing off his family and leading the nation into sin. This was not a decision that happened in a moment but probably was a result of a close relationship with a family known for their evil deeds. In essence, his bad decision to marry into Ahab's family led to even worse decisions later.

All of us have big decisions to make, but none are more important than what we decide about Jesus. If you do not have a relationship with Christ, then you have to decide whether you will trust in Him for your forgiveness. If you have already been born-again, then you must decide if you are going to obey His commands. These decisions will impact our lives for a long time to come, even into eternity. So how do we make sure we are making wise decisions? We can read God's Word. When we read the Bible and apply what it says, we'll find ourselves making godly decisions that will impact our life and the lives of those all around us.

Life Lesson: We miss out on blessings and on the flip side, we inherit troubles when we disregard God and His Word.

Dear God,
Thank You for Your Word and the guidance it provides. Help me to make wise choices no matter the size. Keep me focused on You so that I can impact this world for Your Kingdom. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Living to tell what He died to say,
Pastor David McGee
Cross the Bridge

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