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Rahab - Daily Treasure - November 30

  • 2021 Nov 30

Journey to Christmas with the Midwives of the Messiah: Rahab

by Sharon W. Betters


For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken. -Psalm 62: 1-2 ESV

Dear Friends,

Rahab joins us on our Journey to Christmas and she immediately introduces us to a colorful, dramatic, and eye-widening story of sex, war, and redemption. God plucked Rahab out of a culture steeped in numerous other gods and sexual perversion. In her life, we see a woman totally transformed by her trust in the God of Israel. Her remarkable response to the plea of the Israelite spies to help them stuns us, knowing the price she would pay if caught. Later we will welcome Ruth, the Moabitess, on our journey and we will see a similar response to God’s faithfulness. Both women turned their backs on everything they knew and chose to trust the God of Israel with all of their lives. Both women must choose to trust God to make a way for them into a tight-knit ethnic community that viewed outsiders with suspicion.

However, I imagine the suspicion toward Rahab trumped any suspicion Ruth experienced. Rahab, a beautiful, strong-willed, colorful Middle Eastern woman, turns from the wickedness of her people and turns toward the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Let’s learn from this midwife of the Messiah!

Treasured by Him,



Get to know Rahab through reading:

Matthew 1:1-6      

Hebrews 11:31

Joshua 1-2

Harlots and Heroines, The Midwives of the Messiah, Chapter 2

Listen: Harlots and Heroines – Rahab, which can be found on the MARKINC.org website under “In His Grip.”


Sharon W. Betters is the author of Treasures of Encouragement, Treasures in Darkness, and co-author of Treasures of Faith. She is Director of Resource Development and co-founder of MARKINC.org, a non-profit organization that offers help and hope to hurting people. Sharon enjoys quality time with her husband, children, and fourteen grandchildren.

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