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Daily Strength for Daily Needs - July 7

  • 2020 Jul 07

July 7

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?--PS. xxvii. I.

  Thou hidden Source of calm repose,
    Thou all-sufficient Love divine,
  My Help and Refuge from my foes,
    Secure I am while Thou art mine:
  And lo! from sin, and grief, and shame,
  I hide me, Father, in Thy name.

Whatever troubles come on you, of mind, body, or estate, from within or from without, from chance or from intent, from friends or foes -- whatever your trouble be, though you be lonely, O children of a heavenly Father, be not afraid!

Whatsoever befalleth thee, receive it not from the hand of any creature, but from Him alone, and render back all to Him, seeking in all things His pleasure and honor, the purifying and subduing of thyself. What can harm thee, when all must first touch God, within whom thou hast enclosed thyself?

How God rejoices over a soul, which, surrounded on all sides by suffering and misery, does that upon earth which the angels do in heaven; namely, loves, adores, and praises God!

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