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Just One Meal - Dave's Daily Devo - April 17

  • 2019 Apr 17


Just One Meal 

Mark 6:35-44

Midlothian has one of the best Ag programs in Texas. About a week ago when I was interviewing high school students for a Rotary Camp Scholarship, I got face-to-face evidence of the program’s effectiveness. When we asked the students where they planned to go to college, almost everyone replied, “A&M.” When it comes to agriculture, College Station is the place to be and raising a prizewinning sheep can help with the annual price tag. Before purchasing your student a potential prize winning sheep, check out the effort. 

Every day that sheep will need to be fed, watered, and given exercise. Some serious competitors work out their animal on the treadmill to tone those muscles and train them to flex at just the right moment in the show to get the judge’s attention. And I haven’t mentioned the halter training. Prizewinners can’t take off in a crowded arena. Somehow I think Jesus would love all this focus on raising strong healthy goats and sheep.     

As we’ve learned, he loved to refer to himself as the Good Shepherd, and when it came to feeding not sheep but a crowd where, counting only the men, you had five thousand mouths to feed, he could miraculously provide. This monstrous crowd had been listening to Jesus teach until late in the afternoon. Now they were hungry way out in the country and all that was available was one small meal. 

“Now it was already getting late, so his disciples said, ‘This is an isolated spot and the hour is late. Dismiss the crowd so that they might go into the surrounding area and villages and purchase something to eat.’ But Jesus responded and said, ‘You feed them.’ And they said, ‘You want us to go out and purchase $35,000 worth of bread and give it to them to eat?’ ‘So how much bread do you have?’ Jesus asked, ‘Go and see!’ When they knew, they told him, ‘Five—and two fish.’  

Jesus commanded them all to sit down group by group on the green grass. So they dotted the lush landscape in groups of hundreds and fifties. Then Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish. Looking up to heaven, he gave thanks, and then broke the bread in pieces and gave them to his disciples that they might serve the people; he also divided the two fish among them all. Everyone ate, and when they were all satisfied, they took up twelve full baskets of leftover bread and fish. The number of those who ate the bread was five thousand men.” Mark 6:35-44

Mark confronts us with another nature miracle that sets Jesus apart from any other prophet. We’ve seen how Jesus could calm wind and wave because he created them. Now we see him taking a small lunch, blessing it, and creating enough food to fill everyone’s stomach. He could do this because he’s the One who created seeds that grow up into plants that generate thousands of seeds used to feed us with enough left over to plant thousands of acres in the next year.

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