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Healing in the Tassels - Dave's Daily Devo - April 19

  • 2019 Apr 19


Healing in the Tassels 

Mark 6:53-56

Last week I shared about a friend’s daughter who was struck by a truck on an overpass in Austin trying to help her kids fill an empty gas tank. Her church reports incredible healing and her husband, the pastor, shares how the outpouring of prayer and comfort has brought Jesus’ everlasting arms underneath his precious wife and their entire family.

Even on the Dallas TV News whenever they report a health crisis, they often add “And our prayers are with the family.” Isn’t it amazing that more than two thousand years after Jesus lived here in the flesh when a health crisis hits our immediate cry is, “Jesus?” 

Mark wants us to realize that Jesus does have power over disease and death, and this power was on full display as soon as he stepped on shore in Gennasaret, a plain 3.5 X 1.5 miles on the NW side of the Sea of Galilee. 

“When they had crossed over to the other side, arriving in Gennesaret, as soon as they had anchored their boat and disembarked, immediately Jesus was recognized. They ran from all over that area and carried those seriously ill on pallets to where they heard Jesus was. Wherever Jesus went into villages, towns or in the countryside, they placed the sick in the marketplaces. The sick begged Jesus just to let them touch the tassels on his garment, and all who did so were being healed.’ Mark 6:53-56

Jesus didn’t simply give the divine command and instantaneously end all sickness in Palestine, but all those who came to him and touched him were healed. With this report Mark gives us glimpses of the health and vitality there will be when God sets up his eternal kingdom in a New Heaven and a New Earth. In his first coming his healing ministry gives us enough evidence to prove who he is, and Jesus is still giving us glimpses into the healing and health we can all look forward if we trust him by the powerful acts of healing he gives us today when we pray. 

LORD, continue to touch our friend’s daughter with your miraculous healing power and thanks for answering our prayers for those who are hurting and suffering from trauma or disease.

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