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Dave's Daily Devo - April 28

  • 2016 Apr 28

Handling the Haters

Psalm 109:1-5

When I’m driving up 67 Thursday morning in the dark to teach at Southern Bible and I’m driving in the passing lane too slow because I’m thinking of the upcoming class, I get it when the guy behind me flashes his lights, gets me to pull over, and then gives me the finger as he rockets by. The reason for his hate is obvious. It’s when I’m in the right lane, right where I belong, and I still get the hate—that’s when I don’t get it.

Unprovoked hostility—that’s the tough one and King David was an expert on this surprise attack. He spent much of his early manhood running from the insane King Saul who hated him without a cause. So when he brings this subject up in the beginning of Psalm 109, I need to listen to his experience.

 “O God, the God I praise, don’t turn a deaf hear to my prayer, for the wicked’s mouth, the mouth of deceit, has opened against me. With a lying tongue, they have spoken to me.

They surround me with words of hate. They attack me for no reason.

In response to my love they oppose. They repay me evil for good, and hatred for love.“ - Psalm 109:1-5

David teaches me to still pray even when I feel God is not listening, and that it is okay to pour it all out to Him when I feel that I’ve been shot at by those I thought were my friends.

Lord, enemy fire is expected. Help me to keep praying when I’m blindsided by friendly fire.

(Tomorrow we will see what David asks God to do to his enemies and wrestle with how this squares with Jesus’ call for us to forgive our enemies.)

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