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More Bread and Fish - Dave's Daily Devo - April 30

  • 2019 Apr 30


More Bread and Fish

Mark 8:1-10

Three years ago in Kenya we had over a thousand bishops, pastors, and lay leaders who completed the Truth Encounter three-day course on Where? What Character? What Responsibilities Does God Demand of Leaders? Each day when we finished the three to four hour sessions, the attendees would be divided into groups and then the food was distributed—always chicken, beef, rise and ugali. I wish Jesus could just come along so that all we would need is a couple of loaves of bread and a couple of fish out of Lake Victoria, let him give thanks and then feed the entire multitude. 

This is what he did for the second time in his Galilean Campaign. He was a good teacher and knew that it would take repetition for them to make the connection that, just like his Father gave manna in the wilderness, his Son could multiply bread to a crowd of four thousand. 

“In those days again a large crowd gathered, and because they didn’t have anything to eat, Jesus called his disciples and said to them, ‘I’m concerned for these people; they’ve already been with me three days and they haven’t had anything to eat. If we send them away hungry to go to their homes, they will run out of energy on the way. Some have come a great distance.’ His disciples responded, ‘Where in this wilderness could someone find enough bread to feed this crowd?’ Jesus asked them, ‘So how many loaves do you have?’ ‘Seven,’ they replied.   

Jesus started instructing the crowd to recline on the ground. Then he took the seven loaves, gave thanks, and broke the loaves. He distributed them to his disciples for them to set before the people and they did so. They also had some small fish. Jesus gave thanks, and told the disciple to distribute them too. Everyone ate and was satisfied. There were seven baskets of leftovers. There were about four thousand. Right after sending the crowd on their way, Jesus got into a boat with his disciples and came to the region of Dalmanutha.”  Mark 8:1-10

Jesus promised that if he departed and gave the gift of the Holy Spirit that we would do even greater works than he did when he was here in the flesh.  Mary and I have seen him not multiply loaves but multiply the money needed to feed the Kenyans, especially orphaned school children in Hope Bridge Academy in Kakamega. Every little bit counts as Jesus multiplies our gifts. If you can help out, send a check to Truth Encounter Box 580 Midlothian, Texas 76065 or just give. Thanks for praying and giving. 

LORD, take the resources your people provide and multiply them in the lives of Kenyans. May you provide, just as you did through the loaves and fishes, the water well and the food needed for these school children.  Thank you.

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