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Only Sleeping - Dave's Daily Devo - April 5

  • 2019 Apr 05


Only  Sleeping 

Mark 5:35-43

Nothing tears apart a daddy’s heart more than to have his little girl sick in bed. If she dies, it’s a blow that neither a dad nor a mom can recover from. During the reports on this winter’s flu season, the hardest were that another child had died. 
Mark reveals that in his life on earth Jesus confronted this kind of loss. We reconnect with Jesus and his disciples as they start to continue on to Jairus’ house to rescue his little girl. But is it too late? 

“While Jesus was speaking to the woman, they came from the synagogue leader’s house saying, ‘Your daughter has died. Why trouble the teacher any longer?’ Jesus overheard what they were saying and said to the synagogue leader, ‘Don’t be afraid! Only believe!’ And Jesus didn’t let anyone follow him except Peter, James, and John, James’ brother. They came to the house of the synagogue leader and immediately observed all the commotion—a lot of weeping and wailing. 
Jesus went in and said to them, ‘Why are you so emotionally distraught and carrying on? The young child is not dead but sleeping?’ They laughed at him. So he sent them all away. Then he took the child’s father and mother, and the three who were with him and went in where the child was. He took hold of her hand and said, ‘Talitha koum!’ (which means 'Little girl, I say, Get up!’) Immediately, the little girl got up and was walking.  She was a twelve-year-old. Those with Jesus were completely amazed. Jesus commanded them not to let anyone know about all this and he told them to give her something to eat.”    Mark 5:35-43  

Unlike many faith healers today, Jesus didn’t need to publicize his ability to heal the sick and raise the dead. In fact he even disallowed his inner circle of disciples who witnessed this miracle from telling anyone about it until after his own resurrection and ascension into heaven. 

Like the miracle of the calming of the storm on Galilee Mark continues to build his case that Jesus is God. He is the Son of the Most High, and his ability to bring this little girl back from the dead proves it. One day when he returns he’s not just going to privately raise a daughter. He’s going to raise all those who have died believing in him, and he’s not going to just extend their physical life a few years. He’s going to give us a new body that will be indestructible forever.  The fact that he will wake us up from death gives him the right to call death only sleep (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:50-58). 

LORD Jesus, thanks that you can call death sleep because you can wake someone up from this fatal end. But thank you even more that one day when you return you’re going to not just raise little girls from physical death, but you’re going to give all who believe in you indestructible bodies that will never be subject to sickness and death again. 

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