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Dave's Daily Devo - August 11

  • 2016 Aug 11

Wicked Delicacies

Psalm 141:4, 8-10


In John Grisham’s breakout 1992 legal spellbinder, The Firm his main character,  Mitch, third in his class at Harvard Law School and married to Abby, his high school sweetheart, can’t resist the salary, the BMW lease, and a low interest on a dream house. The offer is made by a smooth talking established lawyer. The first day on the job, he has to attend two of his colleagues’ funerals. They died in a freak scuba accident in the Caymans. This foreshadows a dark turn in the plot. Mitch discovers through a private investigator that no lawyers leave the Firm alive.

King David warned not only young Harvard grads, but also all of us to beware of those fancy dinners and big offers. The “delicacies” of the wicked are poison.

“Don’t let my heart be turned to evil affairs, toward being entertained with those doing dirty and abusive things. Don’t let me feast on their delicacies.” Psalm 141:4

King David tells us how to resist those offers that are too good to be true.

  “O LORD, my Master, my eyes are focused on You.

   In You I hide—don’t expose me.
   Keep me from the hand of powerful, evil men who place snares designed to trap me.

   May the wicked fall into their own nets while I pass on by.” Psalm 141:8-10

LORD, I can think of some great steak dinners where Mary and I got offers that were hard to turn down. Many of these opportunities were not actually evil. They simply were positions where the job description didn’t mirror the giftedness You gave us. Thank you that John Grisham, a Sunday School teacher, used his writing gift to warn millions about King David’s recognition that eating the delicacies of the wicked could be deadly. Keep protecting me from these traps.

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